2006, Fiction-Doc, color/B&W, 15min, 35mm

A short fiction-documentary film (15 minutes) dedicated to the bright memory of Andrey Tarkovsky - the great master of world cinema. In 1965 A. Tarkovsky visited Armenia, Geghardavank. It is hard to say what he has been looking for and what he has seen there. Fortunately has fixed (on occasion) several frames (6min., 35mm, b/w) from the visit of greatest master in Geghardavank. Anyway, such frames provide opportunity for connecting the past and the present by making new shootings and fulfilling the "gaps" which have been missed by the camera 45 year ago. What is the ideology? Indeed, what was Andrey Tarkovsky looking for at the church of XIII century in such a rocky place? Probably, he was looking for God.

... because nothing else is significant in Geghardavank and around. Only the presence of God is felt in that place.

Festivals: Rotterdam IFF,  Busan IFF, Sydney IFF, Yerevan IFF (Opening Film) etc.

Cast & Crew

Written and Directed by
Arsen Azatyan, Narine Mkrtchyan
Artavazd Khachaturyan, Levon Atoyants
Music by
St. Komitas
Armen Abelyan, Nora Grigoryan, Armen Martirosyan, Lusine Dallakyan, Lilit Dallakyan
Edit and Sound Design by
Arsen Azatyan, Narine Mkrtchyan
Sound Design by
Armen Sahakyan
Produced by
Arsen Azatyan, Narine Mkrtchyan