1988, Documentary, color, 20min, 35mm, Armenfilm

The film is about a modern Armenian composer Tigran Mansuryan, who has already become one of the classics of Armenian music. But the story does not run in the traditional way, but under the impression of a story he told, which appears to be artistic material, and shows his attitude to Life and Art. For a long time we had derived consolation from the fact that Tigran Mansuryan, having watched the movie, said, “All the 50 years of my life have been concentrated in these 20 minutes”. Officially this was our first movie shot in “Armenfilm” Studio. It had not been accepted by Communist leaders for several years, and it was hidden because of controversial views, even though in this case we had used the name and authority of Tigran Mansuryan as a cover for shooting the film we wanted.

Festivals: Riga IFF, Kiev IFF, Moscow IFF etc.

Cast & Crew

Written and Directed by
Arsen Azatyan, Narine Mkrtchyan
Music by
Tigran Mansuryan
Armen Khachatryan