1991, Fiction-doc, color, 68min, 35mm

The film is dedicated to the renowned film director Sergey Paradjanov; to the unfolding memory of a man who was refereed to as a genius, a gay, a mime, a tradesman, a saint. The film possesses no plain and logical plot line and alto-gether breaks away from the ordinary conception of any film genre. It is a psychoanalysis of the nether-world essence of the great master, a search for other dimensions about which we dare not even sometimes speculate.

The Bobo is also peculiar in that it uses the entire material of the master’s last unfinished film “Confession” accompanied by Paradjanov’s confession why he closed down the film, left it unfinished.

"Hell and Heaven"t his is the problem that preoccupies us in the film.

Festivals: Berlinale, Rotterdam IFF, Moscow IFF, Nyon IFF, Edinburgh IFF, Yekaterinburg IFF, Taormina IFF, Riga IFF, Cottbus IFF etc.

Cast & Crew

Written, Directed and Produced by
Arsen Azatyan, Narine Mkrtchyan
Albert Yavuryan