The Romanticists


2014, Feature, color, 96min, HD/DCP

Based on a true story. The story is about Oscar, an Armenian actor who dreamed of going to Hollywood and becoming a celebrity for many years. Now he won a Green Card Lottery, and it seems his long-standing dream came true! But the good-bye party given for him by his teenage friends takes a completely different path: as a result, everything changes and chain of unpredictable and absurd events brings to a tragedy.

In order to get to know us, it is necessary to live here and communicate especially with the youth. The youth living in Armenia today is the kid of 1990s who grew up in a period when the country was trying to survive without losing its individuality.

Being a part of USSR and not having independence through ages, after the collapse of USSR, Armenia found itself in a real chaos.    

The heroes of our film are those very kids who saw earthquake and war, dark years and endless queues for a slice of black bread.

And today they live in a developing and prospering Armenia; they have got higher education and try to find their place in the society. Each of them is a bright individuality with his viewpoint and position. But each of us can be cruel; the question is how we display it...

Festivals: Goteborg IFF, Yerevan IFF, Tbilisi IFF, Kinoshock IFF (Jury Prize), Romania IFF, Yerevan IFF (Silver Apricot), HAYAK National Cinema Awards (Best Script) etc.

Cast & Crew

Based on a novel by
Areg Azatyan
Written and Directed by
Areg Azatyan, Shoghik Tadevosyan
Tammam Hamza
Music by
Arthur Mitinyan
Edit and Sound Design by
Areg Azatyan, Shoghik Tadevosyan
Sound Design by
Anahit Kasayants, Mariam Mirzoyan
Narek Nersisyan, Karen Khosrovyan, Robert Danelyan, Hakob Manukyan, Raffi Elliot, David Franzreb, Arthur Ghalumyan, Narek Ktoyan
Executive Producer
Arsen Azatyan, Narine Mkrtchyan
Produced by
Areg Azatyan, Shoghik Tadevosyan