Feature film Project, currently in script development process.

On its way to find God, a sheep encounters Jesus, Judas and Buddha who are on their 
way to a bank to apply for a loan.

“The Sheep” opens up today’s social justice issues in a very special way. By telling this story through the eyes of a sheep, and its encounter with Judas, Jesus and Buddha, we want to point out that today the structure of society that people are used to for centuries, is changing. We want to show that especially today the material wealth has become more important than spirituality. In the world where people are ruled by money, a sheep is trying to find God. At the same time Judas, Jesus, and Buddha due to financial problems, are trying to apply for a loan. Each of them wants to change something in his life. 

Cast & Crew

Written by
Areg Azatyan, Shoghik Tadevosyan